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Who is financial planning for?

Posted on : July 30, 2017


Many people think financial planning is just for the wealthy. However, financial planning can help people at all ages and at all levels of financial health. The sooner you start planning the more time you’ll have to achieve your financial goals.


We believe there are 4 Stages of Financial Planning

  • Starting your career (20-25): This step in your financial career is to gain and maintain financial independence while pursuing your career.
  • Starting a Family (26-45): Whether your goal is a house for family, or giving your children the best chance, the biggest part of this stage is preparing for the financial responsibility that comes with having a family.
  • Planning to Retire (46-64): With retirement in your sights, this stage of life is your largest source of income. Children are typically moving out and diaper bills are considerably lower.
  • Successful Retirement (65+): You've finally reached the time to reap in full what you've sown!