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Posted on : July 30, 2017


1 Make an appointment and meet your financial planner in person, over the phone or by video conferencing. 2 Ask questions, discuss your goals and tell your planner about your current situation in your first meeting. 3 Your financial planner makes a tailored financial solution for you . 4 You can also choose on-going service where you review your plan each year with your planner.


The MEX Wealth team provides you with a customised, holistic strategy; regardless of your current circumstances and goals.  Everyone has different goals in life, so whatever your dreams may be, the right financial advice can help you achieve them.Furthermore, our qualified advisers can help you decide on today’s strategy. Live for today knowing you and you’re family are prepared for tomorrow.

Financial Planning Services


How and where to invest while minimising your tax implications will get you where you need to go.


Designed to minimise your burden and provide the best start in your children’s future, through unique tax advice and features.


Your super and SMSF strategy should enable you to enjoy the retirement you deserve.


Life is full of the unexpected. Let us show you the value of your family’s financial security.